Rob Diggins

With a sparkle in his eye and a gentle smile on his lips, violinist Rob Diggins magically transforms each and every performance with his charming charisma and soulful interpretations.

"…his understated virtuosity yielded many unexpected dividends in terms of shading, phrasing and rhythmic nuance” - Michelle Dulak, San Francisco Classical Voice.

This versatile musician can be found equally at home on the concert stage performing a violin concerto in front of hundreds or a small club improvising and trading phrases with fellow jazz musicians, or, he might be seen sitting beneath an Oak or Fir tree along the banks of a creek playing mountain music, fiddling and dancing in the fire-light of a Full moon havan or kirtan puja. Rob has performed at home and abroad on the stage and in the studio with many, if not most, of the important turn of the century period instrument orchestras and ensembles.

At present, this seasoned fellow has selected just a few select baroque bands to play with. These include Omnia Musica, Les Conversations Galante, Magnificat, the Portland Baroque Orchestra, Music from Green Mountain, and his gypsy-jazz band, The Dizzy Vipers.While touring and traveling across the land with his wife, violinist, Jolianne von Einem and their daughter, Rob studies South Indian Classical Music with Shree Vidya Chandramouli and yoga with Swami Veda Bharati and other senior students of H. H. Swami Rama.

Rob teaches yoga and meditation in the Himalayan Yoga Tradition and when not on the road, he enjoys teaching his many talented string students in the Eastern European Classical tradition and attending to various sustainable gardening and community projects in Northern California.

Rob is currently piecing together a brand new ensemble, Omnia Musica, which will debut with a South Asian tour in 2011. Highlights of the tour will include performances for the King and Queens of Bhutan, the Monk body and other select locations in Nepal, Thailand and the Indian sub-continent.

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