Reviews from 2008-2009

April 2009 - Alessandro Scarlatti Venere, Amore e Ragione

"If any ensemble were to advocate for Scarlatti’s serenatas through compelling performances, this is the one. Magnificat’s sterling trio of vocalists and sextet of instrumentalists approached the piece with great elegance, imparting a sense of grace, fluidity, and intimacy."

In Light of Reason by Joseph Sargent, San Francisco Classical Voice, April 3, 2009

"The instrumental playing … was lively and evocative, with occasional bursts of recorder to leaven the string textures … Jennifer Ellis Kampani was the standout, singing the role of Cupid with a bright, sweeping tone and effortlessly negotiating the sometimes daunting thickets of coloratura writing in the part."

Music Review: 'Venere, Amore e Ragione' by Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle, February 10, 2009

February 2009 - Heinrich Schütz Musikalische Exequien

"The Musikalische Exequien is a masterwork, and Magnificat gave it superb voice. Every singer rose magnificently to the occasion…"

When the Audience is the Congregation by Anna Carol Dudley, San Francisco Classical Voice, February 10, 2009

December, 2008 - Giovanni Antonio Rigatti Christmas Vespers

"Stewart's virtuoso singers sounded exceptional…Music of this period performed by the ideal performers Stewart hired is exceedingly beautiful and suitable to any season."

Solemn Vespers by Thomas Busse, San Francisco Classical Voice, December 9, 2008

October 2008 - Marc-Antoine Charpentier Les Plaisirs de Versailles & La Couronne des Fleurs

"Magnificat Music Director Warren Stewart and company took another decisive step toward reclaiming Charpentier's reputation. Delivering a crystalline performance marked by luscious vocal purity and elegant instrumental support, Magnificat captured the vitality and freshness of these charming works, turning the evening into an impeccably refined affair."

Royal Delights by Joseph Sargent, San Francisco Classical Voice, October 7, 2008