Reviews of Magnificat CDs

Chiara Margarita Cozzolani
Messa Paschale

Released: June, 2002
Musica Omnia MO0209


"Splashes of striking dissonance shade a musical canvas depicting grief and longing. Magnificat continues to impress."

Craig Zeichner Early Music America, Winter 2002-2003

"Yet another "discovery" from this young label, which confirms the beauty and emotionality of this unknown composer, who, from these releases, will certainly become one of the staples of the Italian 17th century. This is a fine recording, full of beautiful music and musicianship."

Kirk McElhearn, Classical Music on the Web, 2002


Vespro CD Cover 

Chiara Margarita Cozzolani
Vespro della Beata Vergine

Released: December, 2001
Musica Omnia MO0103


"The Magnificat recording displays vast reserves of richness, colour, contrast and rhetorical expression. Add to that a spontaneous freshness, frankly stylish and dazzling singing by virtuosi of the highest order."

Toccata: Alte Musik aktuell (Nov-Dec 2002)

"music of unparalleled beauty and depth."

Convent Sounds That Still the Soul by Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle, January 13, 2001



Emilio de' Cavalieri
Rappresentatione di Anima e di Corpo

Released: July, 2006
Koch International 3-7363-2



"The engineering, done at St. vinvent's calapel in San Rafael, is spectacular. There are spatial effects, mostly coming and going, and overwhelming sound effects like the opening and closing the gates of Hell when the damned are interviewed. Every singer is superb, and the players are their equal. This is not to be missed."

Fanfare, January/February 1997